Electric Trains is train driver arcade game with subjective camera. The main idea is to make game more dynamic than train simulators. The game in which the completion of the level will take 5-10 minutes. 

Controls:  Accelerate/Brake - Arrows, Switch track - Z, Reverse train - X, Open/Close doors - C, Whistle - short V, Horn - long V, Map - B, Message history - N, Couple - A,  Decouple - Q, W - Activate/Deactivate  crane, Change camera position - S, Change camera view - D, Pause - P, Restart - R. Move camera - Left mouse button + drag, Zoom - Mouse Scroll wheel or Right mouse button + drag.

For better performance use the standalone version. Browser version may have low FPS.

Discord: https://discord.gg/9AFawvv

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(74 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, Railroad, railway, track, tracks, train, Trains, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
LinksBlog, YouTube


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steam engines when? i mean ya got deasils ya got electrics why not steams?

It will be in the future.


welp if they added detail like animation of people entering and exiting the train along with a guard on the platform waving a flag and whistle and a conductor saying " all aboard" . maybe even luggage boys moving suitcases into boxcars and carrying them , and taxi depots with drop-off stations ,a bus station could be added with the game at each station . and please.... dear lord fix the graphics , maybe improve it in your free time and reply to people's comments and take on their advice to improve the game itself. 

Thank you!


a month ago i downloaded this from the android play store and now i have found it on itch.io whilst looking for random games to play

Do we need to extract the files from the compressed folder?

Yes, it's standard with most compressed folders.


epic trian gaem so cool 10/10 wood plae agaien and I wood plae it all the tiem in my fre tiem this gaem


The game is great, and I really like the concept of a more arcade-type train game. Amazing job!
One thing I dislike however, is that when you drive a train that is very fast or has less braking power than a multiple unit, the signals don't give you nearly enough warning.
If there is a red light further ahead and you're going at full speed and start braking at the yellow light, you have no chance of stopping in time, and just have to hope that the train in front is either far enough away or has moved from your track before you get to it.

what is this

Electric Trains IOS beta test.


Wow, this game!!!!! like literally it's so good!
 I mean I have no words to say!!!! This is the greatest game ever. m_iden you are the best Wow!!
also, m_iden if you have discord the follow me


Hi the game is really good but in the standart version for Pc i would like if you could macke a seting for fullscreen

The game is amazing! I haven't spotted any bugs so far (played for like an hour), but a game without a saves system is useless for me. Why play this game any longer than a few minutes if you can't even save it? So please, add a saves system and continue working on this great masterpiece!

yes i would like that to would be cool if you can safe also in Browser 


my train derailed from going too fast


I went so fast the game crashed

ohhh :)) If you will have this problem in the future... Could you record some video? I will try to fix it.


on mission 10 it says mission failed when i move from the beginning station ive tried going forward and backwards same fail if this is a bug pls fix thx

You could watch here

Its not a bug time when you have to depaat and stop

when will 0.738 avabile?

I hope this week.

ok thanks

tell me when it will com

You could try.

what could we try

we're just waiting!

when will it come?

Awsome gam

(1 edit)


You can download 0.738b from discrod!!


can you add saves please

I hope to add... but not very soon :(

It's ok

This game is great! Thanks for making it. I'll be looking forward the updates!

Thanks :)

im back m_iden i wanna say im sorry FOR yelling and getting mad you yesterday i love you/your game

Thank you... you could skip missions if you don't like it...




i hate crashing on misson five I HATE THE **** MISSON 5!!!



Amazing game



This is cute :)

Thank you :)

when it will release 0.73

It's available now.

0.734 is the best

Thanks :))

This game is wonderful.

Thanks :)

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Very amazing game

i know

v 0.730b

how many missons?? 

when it will relese

oh ok what will come

Next update coming soon... after a few days, or even today.




hi so when u are gonna add steam trains

No so soon :) Maybe 5-6 month.

do u know zyena

Yes :)

Electric Trains IOS beta test.WHAT IS THIS

Beta test of the game for iPad and iPhone.


Not very soon. Idk yet :)




I plan to add some steam trains.

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