Electric Trains is train driver arcade game with subjective camera. The main idea is to make game more dynamic than train simulators. The game in which the completion of the level will take 5-10 minutes. Railways can be fun!

Controls:  Accelerate/Brake - Arrows, Switch track - Z, Reverse train - X, Open/Close doors - C, Whistle - short V, Horn - long V, Map - B, Message history - N, Couple - A,  Decouple - Q, W - Activate/Deactivate  crane, Turn On/Off headlights - 1, Turn On/Off interior lights - 2, Activate/Deactivate power of all locomotives - 3,  Activate bottom part of the snowplow - short 4, Activate bottom and side parts of the snowplow - long 4, Deactivate snowplow - 4, Change camera position - S, Change camera view - D, Pause - P, Restart - R. Move camera - Left mouse button + drag, Zoom - Mouse Scroll wheel or Right mouse button + drag.

For Mac Users: It may be some rights issue. Please use the command: chmod -R +x ElectricTrains.v0_801_Standalone_MAC.app/Contents/MacOS

For better performance use the standalone version. Browser version may have low FPS.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, Railroad, railway, track, tracks, train, Trains, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
LinksBlog, YouTube


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when will the next update will come?????

M iden isn't checking comments

ik its weird


Cool game! It has a lot of missions and free play as well it was very interesting. Good work!

ik its cool

so uhh... what is this music being used called because i really liek it but have no idea what it is called and i cant find anything that could tell me about this amazing tune so i created an account just to ask this lmao so what is this track called cuz i really want to listen to it on its own

can you like make british maps and lines from kings cross to kings lynn and peterbough


I hope the developer will add some new steam locomotives like the flying scotsman or the LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard british steam locomotive, maybe even some american steam locomotives aswell and maybe a station platform gaurdsmen and signaller at each station just to make it more realstic because it is a train simulation game. 

or maybe the class 801 and 387

When is the next mission and any new maps coming out

This game is not about changing the tracks, it's about being quick enough to change them.

The window to be able to change the tracks is so small, it is very frustrating.

This game already assumes that I know everything about this game, I literally don't know how it's going to highlight the station, or how to open the doors. Or even what the colour of the arrows mean.

It needs a lot of polish. Also it doesn't let me restart normally unless I crash into a train.

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thats impossible tell me how you acheived this I only managed to get the steam locomotive which I call the flying scotsman up to 199KPM no higher. I also took a high speed locomotive up to a top speed with 8 passenger carriages to 270 with an electric locomotive to give it the extra boost it needs to help it. also to achieve both these high speeds you need accelerate down a straight stretch of track otherwise your train goes flying through the air and making friends with the hard grass.

well i wait for the blue sparks then i go fast

so tell me einstein what locomotive did you use to reach 317KPH? I used the high speed diseal locomotive and took it up to a top speed of 271.

well i use a electric locomotive a high speed one and i use blue sparks and i went zooming

when will the new map will be terminating at stations?

What do you do in freeplay with the snowplow if the snow spawns in large stations because the deployed snowplow crashes the train on the high platforms.

(2 edits)

Short press of 4 opens only bottom part of snowplow. It can be used for station cleaning.


heres a suggestion for the developer m-iden you should include a feature that when you arrive at a station an announcement comes over the speaker for train your operating. and you see AIS walking on the platform towards your train and if you have a certain amount of points you can spend them on crew for your train such as: a platform porter, tickets master, station gaurd and operator, train signaler and gaurdsmen which blows a whistle to let people know their departing. maybe even a viewable cab where you can see a train driver in the seat or if its for the steam locomotive you can see a firemen or a stroker puting in coal.security gaurds on each platform and maybe in your train. thats an idea you should add to the game in the next update.

LA's Union Station adds security after complaints about homeless attacks

Station guard hi-res stock photography and images - AlamyRailway memories from Birmingham's London Midland Railway Club Association,  Tysley - National Railway Museum blogTrain station with british flag hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Thanks for idea.


none of these actually improve the game experience and distract from improving the game with new missions, trains, maps and mechanics. Not to mention this is an indie game, not a triple-a game which has resources to spend on having a fucking porter. if you want a game which could have those sorts of features, play a tycoon game or a game like Train Sim World


games like electric trains should have added improvements in the game and adding station porters or platform gaurds is a great idea



Fortunately, your train's top speed is a fair bit higher than the target train. There's two good tactics for this.

One is to take advantage of setting the switch ahead of you shunting the target train onto the 2nd track before it's ready to do so, thereby sticking them behind a slower train early on and allowing you to pass with ease. This is a little difficult to pull off and requires repeatedly setting the route about the time the target train approaches the switch.

The other is to make good, careful use of the left-most tracks for passing trains and obstacles at certain points. Frequent reference to the map and care observing positions of oncoming trains is crucial to this.


its easy go for the blue sparks it lets you go even faster

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ti drive the class 465 or maybe a class 387


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how hard is it to use the comment section for actual fucking comments

This game is really fun, but the AI is pretty terrible. Keep having to redo missions because trains just careen into my lane without warning and causing a 20 min mission to stretch even longer.




I still enjoy this game my man, I can absolutely talk about the faults. The AI is just kinda wack.


hey hey calm down

Deleted 74 days ago

will there be any updates that includes train stations where the trains will terminate and stop at? like a main central station with customized timetables, ticket booths where you can change the price of each trip, and announcements where there is a megaphone icon that when you press a certain button on your keyboard it turns on and you can announce a message to the AIS ingame. that would be a neat feature.


Is there a way to refuel?


Stop the train in a Yard/Siding


not much has been done to the game in the new update it looks the exact same like the previous one.

Show post...

bruh save/load button IS a big deal tho, not everything has to be graphics related. Go back to AAA games then


nah I'm good its called advice, or "hot tips" for game updates. just giving the developer a backup option to work with.

holy hell, theres no way you're real

holy hell I'm as real as my friend marcus and his pretty real

Can there be more free play modes


M_Iden has said before that the game is too small to have real maps right now, but the trains are based off retired Soviet Union (Now Russia) trains


I agree with sheriffcubic that there should be a central station where the trains terminate at along with cars you can drive in first person as yourself the player, and a bus station at each stop, luggage cars and racks on the platform in which station porters ( ai's or ingame players ), a timetable which you can change the route your heading to, a ticket booth which you can change the price of the tickets for each trip. maybe include different jobs you can apply as such as: station porter where you carry luggage bags to the carriages on carts in first person 3d, a train conductor where you have a whistle icon to signal passengers to board. a dispatcher or signalman in the platform with a flag in one hand. maybe also include more international trains from different countries to give diversity to the game. like the maglev bullet engine from japan,or american passenger trains things like that adds so much to the game and yes it may create lag and make the game more laggy for low performing devices but I think its worth it in the long run. 

Maybe try https://epicport.com/en/ttd# and build your own Maglev network. From experience though, they cost alot of in-game money, up to $222,000 and increases because inflation


maybe try to agree with my idea because it sounds alot better if it were added in this game

are you sherrif's alt bro? you talk exactly the same way, have the same ideas, and have just as an inflated ego

cam you still make the British map with british trains please

Is map 6 coming with mission 18?

No. It will be on Coast map.

Love mission 17. Interesting twist with the new breakdown feature


I wonder what map 6 will be

Idk yet)

Can you fix Chinese bugs?


Ikr this chinese is the most chinese bug i have ever seen it honestly is disturbing

Could you describe Chinese bugs in detail?


So when I pick up passengers from the station Ill hear aggressive chinese screaming and its spooky sometimes like a jumpscare and when Im going down the railroad tracks a chinese jet will sometimes bomb me.

Is this happens in all missions or free play mode? 


Mostly in free play but I have had it happen in missions


Could you describe Chinese bugs in detail?

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could you indicate the controlled train with a different color like magenta or cyan
red unelectrified rails kinda camouflage the controlled train position

Thanks. I will think what can I do.

M_Iden make a Chromebook standalone


I will research this feature. It's hard to make such versions without real device.




The game has very simple networks. It's not possible to make real maps at the moment. 

oh ok i understand that um that your busy ill save some time

same im on crome book

I can't get the standalone version on my computer. My school computer is chromebook


Is there any way to change the language? My game's stuck in Chinese and I can't change it because everything except the title is just blank


You could change it in the settings menu.

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there should be an online mode where you can join a server full of real players who are driving their train and a ingame chat in the corner where you can talk to other players. 


Great idea


It's good idea, maybe it will possible in the future.

yea with the rocket stevens


steam locomotives are a part of historical engineering of the late 1880s- the 1960s and shows advancement in technology and successes of the late 20th century. it fascinates me to even see a steam locomotive in this game, at first I thought it was similar to some American engines, but clearly I noticed that the engine in the game doesn't have a cow catcher on the front of the buffers and the smoke stack is a lot smaller compared to any American steam locomotives.

join us next week for "useless facts with sherrifcubic", the most annoying show on the internet

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here are some photographs of international trains that should be included in the game:

1. liner class A3, engine 4472, flying Scotsman

the flying Scotsman became the worlds fastest train in the world breaking the 100KM speed barrier of the late 1920s.

2.southern railway steam engine 4501 is  the longest living American steam locomotive that was heavier and powerful to handle long trips from Washington D.C.  - Atlanta Georgia during the 1920s.the design made it so the engine had: 211.45 kN of tractive, which allowed the engine to pull fourteen passenger cars at a speed of 80mph


3.electrifed levitating rail system.

the first maglev engine began being constructed in 2001 by the shanghai transrapid network. The top operational speed of this train is 431km/h (268mph).


omg the flying scots man i heard that train in england before and its top 1 oldest train ever

(1 edit)

that's right the first steam locomotive of the 20th century that broke the 100KM speed barrier one of the fastest trains of the early 1920s, one of England's oldest lasting steam train. the train to this day still runs but you have to pay tickets if you want to ride aboard, the trip is quite short but the scenery is worth it.

the developer should include regional and international maps,cities and countries that can be unlocked when completing missions. he should also add different steam locomotives, and passenger trains like the XPT intercity translink train that runs from sydney to brisbane or the flying scotsman a british steam locomotive from post WW1.the developer should include mulitplayer maps where you can play with other players online and include roles and jobs that you can choose like  becoming a guard or a station porter. include speed signs and limits so when you enter a certain area of track or come close to a station you have to reduce your speed, a message will appear on the players screen flashing red saying:" WARNING,DECREASE SPEED AND SLOW DOWN, APPROCAHING STATION" and if the player fails to slow down the trains system brakes will be applied automatically ( you can adjust if you want to activate the speed limit signals in settings as its optional ). loudspeakers at each station with a message of the next train arriving at the station and platform is due to stop at. if the developer could add the following that just may increase the game overall.

and the developer should international maps based from other countries along with regional trains to give diversity to the game.the developer should also include in the game public servers with a other players and chat included on the side.also include in the game if you accelate over a certain speed in an area like in the ocean map speed signs on the side with an alert warning that pops up on your screen when you pass a section of track to show the speed limit in the area and if you pass the speed limit points will be deducted from you and a train the transit police authority will appear approximately 1.4KM behind you with sirens and flashers on and if the train proceeds to evade the transit police speed strips will be placed on the track and your train will gradually decrease speed.


Love the idea of other countries, I can't find a better train simulator that doesn't cost anything. I'm a year 8 Australian high school student and I love trains. Disagree with the police thing because police trains don't exist


true but there are translink authority trains like how in NSW I know that they have the NSW translink network with rules in place and $5000 fines if someone tresspassed onto the track


I didn't know that, but wouldn't road police go after trespassers. Are you Australian


 no, I'm from southern georgia, kentucky but my ancestors and grandparents came from ireland and scotland


like I have described this before why does the game have to be based specifically around the russian/soviet post war union why can't the developer add international maps to the game giving a variety of culture.it will bring more people to play the game. I have a future idea for VO.795 if the developer M_iden could add because if he has a steam locomotive that can reach up to speeds of 170KM ( if the electric locomotive is equiped to the engine ) then why not add an electrified levitation system to electric trains that is powered by the electrified rail system. cause in reality a steam train can't reach up to speeds of 130KM since the boiler would'nt be able to take that kind of preasure and heat and is considered nearly impossible.but they did have a earlier model steam locomotive in the early 1920s in great britian known as the flying scotsman.fastest train in england to reach the 100km speed barrier. if you can add a russian train from WW2 into electr

Because the dev is from the post soviet area. Plus I don't think many people are actively pushed away from the game because there aren't trains from their own country. Also, the game isn't intended to be realistic, at no point is that even vaguely suggested, why do you insist it is, part of the fun of the game now is that you can do unrealistically fast, on maps that aren't real places.

Subscribe to M.iden's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@electrictrains if you love the game

your right bro

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